Try to Look Away – We Dare You

Why are videos so good at grabbing your attention? And what is it that makes them so effective?

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First of all, it’s speed. Videos relay and communicate messages and whole stories in a fraction of the time that it takes other conduits, like text or photos.

We’re constantly being bombarded by messages, and speed becomes a critical factor in securing your customers’ attention. Think about it. If you have two seconds, are you going to reel in your customer with five words or two static photos? Or will you snag their attention with moving images and a catchy soundtrack that shows your product at its very best?

Video also has the undeniable advantage of appealing to more than one of your senses. Mix together images in motion, graphic text, music, sound fx, and dialogue or voice over and you get one big knock-out storytelling punch.

When I work with my clients to tell their story, I start with the idea of wrapping an emotion around a fact. How do you want the person watching the video to feel, and what do you want them to know? The combination of these two elements creates an experiential moment for the viewer, and a desire to experience that moment and feeling more fully, in real life.

Video is truth. Or at least, the viewer perceives video as being more truthful than other mediums. For example, I can describe in words how spectacular the view is while canoeing down the River of Golden Dreams. The crystal blue waters, green foliage lining the shores, snow-covered mountain peaks in the background, a beaver swimming past and a perfect blue sky overhead. Maybe you think, that’s nice. Or maybe your eyes glaze over. It all sounds a touch cliché. But if I show you a couple paddling down the River of Golden Dreams, what are you thinking? It can’t be as nice as it looks. Nope. You’re thinking I want to go there.

Check out the video Buzzworks Creative produced for the Whistler Writers Festival. Note how the opening music creates a sense of mystery, building drama which helps create an emotional response of curiosity. Tell me more. As for telling the truth, we wanted to show how fine the venue is, and the diversity of authors and literary experiences offered. Note that in the first shot, it’s raining. This is not a typical exterior shot for Whistler, but it conveys the truth. October’s not the time for shredding on the hill, but contemplation and expanding your mind and heart.

If you’d like to find out more about how a strategically designed video can tell your business’s story, give us a shout, we’ll be happy to do a free consultation.

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