Get Bear Smart Society


strategy + video + FB campaign

The Get Bear Smart Society asked Buzzworks Creative to create a suite of videos that would grab people’s attention, make them laugh, and most importantly, take action to safely secure bear attractants.

We worked with the Get Bear Smart team to understand the specific demographic for each video. Whistler’s Trash Dilemma is aimed towards seasonal locals who don’t have a car, and need a lift to dispose of their garbage, empties and recycling. We built a successful Facebook campaign called 4 the Love of Bears, to reach our target audience and engage their help in solving one of the worst human-caused problems for bears – stockpiled garbage and empties. Locals can now visit 4 the Love of or the Facebook page to ask for a ride from Neighbearhood Heroes, who will pick up their garbage, recycling, empties, and anything else that is smelly to a bear.

Bear to Help is a fake commercial with a twist. We were able to draw from Get Bear Smart’s incredible vault of footage, add a stylistic voice over, treatment and a touch of humour to encourage viewers to think twice about how they can live responsibly in bear country.

On a more serious note, we also helped Get Bear Smart to update their Mandate Video, with a two-camera shoot of live interview footage, and stock footage of Whistler’s bears.

In All Things Are Connected, the Get Bear Smart Society wished to produce a video using their photo assets, that encourages respect for our environment, and to show how we are all part of the same web of life.

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